b'16CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTDave and John ConstantConstantly Pizza Reaches Out with Donations Volunteer and cancer survivor Beverly Cotton sits with cancer patient John Leggett as he receives chemotherapy.First, Constantly Pizza donated $1,000 inConcord Hospital has continuously supportedJohn and Dave appreciate the partnership pizza gift certifi cates to Concord HospitalConstantly Pizza over the years, and wethey have had with the Hospital for many for employees helping the community faceappreciate their business, Dave said.years, including catering meetings for COVID-19. Then, owners Dave and JohnNow, more than ever before, its importantmany Hospital departments and serving Constant decided to go a step further andfor local businesses and communities to comecountless Hospital employees who also are successfully raised close to $2,000 for thetogether to support each other. valued customers.Hospitals COVID-19 Response Fund.John said that of organizations respondingThese people support our community 24/7, Dave and John said they are extremelyto the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hospital issaid Dave. We want to give back and show grateful for the employees at Concordprobably the most aff ected business of anythat we appreciate all the hard work they Hospital and for what they do every day,right now and needed some help. do every day.helping people who need help. When they saw the Hospital experiencing a big drop in revenue as the pandemic curtailed many Hospital services, they decided the helpers needed some help themselves. In addition to the gift certifi cates, Constantly Pizza, in cooperation with their customers, donated a portion of the sales for several weeks of their 18, three-topping pizzas $1,955.'