b'18CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTConcord Hospitals Emergency Department Medical Director and Kentek Corp.Building Effective Solutions for Care Safety Healthcare teams caring for the sickest ofCOVID-19 is transmitted through dropletsKentek had reached out to help during the COVID-19 patients face a high risk of beingand tiny particles carried in air. The virus canCOVID-19 response, so when the Hospital exposed to the disease during intubationspray from patients who are being intubated,learned of the intubation boxes, it made theplacing a breathing tube in the patientsputting the medical team at risk. call. Kentek manufactured 12 boxes for the airway so a ventilator can provide oxygen andBased on a design provided by the Hospital,Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit ventilate the lungs.Kentek Corp., in Pittsfield, made clearand Operating Room. Obtaining intubation At Concord Hospital, providers who performPlexiglas boxes that cover a patients head,boxes is but one example of how Concord intubations now have an added layer ofshielding providers as they reach through armHospital has remained resilient during the protection, thanks to some research byholes in the box to place the breathing tube. rapid pace of change in understanding and Emergency Department Medical Directorresponding to COVID-19. Dr. Nicholas Larochelle (pictured below) andDuring intubation, the droplet particles canI feel the Hospital has done an outstanding a local company that stepped up to quicklyrelease into the air, Dr. Larochelle said. Thejob supporting providers, nursing and the rest make a new device. box helps contain some of those particles andof our team to keep us safe and give us all of prevents them from reaching us. the tools we need to care for patients, said Larochelle. Concord Hospital and hospitals around the country are seeing fewer patients than normal in their Emergency Departments, (EDs) in part because patients worry they might be exposed to COVID-19 if they go to the hospital. Approximately 30 percent fewer patients visited Concord Hospitals ED in April and early May 2020.Dr. Larochelle is concerned that some people who are staying away need emergency evaluation and treatment. He said the ED has taken precautions to protect all patients.We have done a good job isolating patients who we suspect may be infected with the virus, he said. I do feel it is safe for people to come in for the same concerns they came in for before we were dealing with this virus. Emergency Department Medical Director Dr. Nicholas Larochelle'