b'2CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTConcord Hospital Trust Board of Trustees 2020Ronald Yap, MD, MBA, ChairCharles Fanaras, Vice Chair C HIEF ADVAN C E M EN T O FFI C ERSRichard Pitman, Secretary MessageScott Sloane, Treasurer (ex-officio)Robert P. Steigmeyer, President(ex-officio)~Sol Asmar, Chair, Concord Hospital Board of Trustees (ex-officio)Lynda Caine Some twenty years ago now, a community member being interviewed for a newsletter story Marianne Cook shared that having cancer was one of the best things that had ever happened to her. Cancer? A good thing? She went on to say that the disease provided her with perspective that she hadnt Kenneth A. Deloge, MD had before and, in fact, enriched her life.Steven McManis Even amidst the most challenging of times, we are blessed with beautiful moments.Suzanne MeyerMarcia Moran, Esq. Years from now, we will all refl ect on the difficulty of these past six months and marvel at how in an instant, our lives changed. We will recall the uncertainty, the fear and the isolation. We will Paul Provost, CFP remember those lost to coronavirus and think about how we felt vulnerable and, at times, lonely.Muriel Schadee, CPA With time however, the thought of masks and toilet paper shortages just may bring a chuckle and the perspective that beautiful moments could be found amidst the disarray of a pandemic, like Robert Segal special time with family that we may never recapture once our world picks up its pace.Jeff rey Towle Concord Hospital stafflived at the center of the coronavirus. There was little time for anxiety as we Claudia Walker,prepared to respond to the fi rst far-reaching pandemic in nearly a century. It was truly inspiring Immediate Past Chair andto witness healthcare workers decidedly getting the job done to care for community members Nominating Committee Chairwhatever it took. They were strong, focused and committed. They were resilient and had to be Don Welford because the disease was unpredictable.Pamela Puleo, FAHP,Standing behind Concord Hospital staffwere our community members, holding us up in Chief Advancement Officer their thoughts, prayers and gratitude. The outpouring of caring, support and generosity was immeasurable as was its impact. Meals, masks, mints and hand sanitizer were but a few of the gifts we received to share with frontline workers. Gifts cards, car washes, turkey dinners and ice cream parties were other ways community members chose to share strength and appreciation for people who were fi ghting the battle. We were humbled, grateful and lovin the love that was coming our way. It helped us forge ahead and gave us the strength, even amidst our own fears, to stay the course.The Mission of Concord Hospital Trust is to serve as the philanthropicAt the same time, the act of making a giftwhatever the giftprovided community members with something to do, some way to assist and a means to fi ll the spaces of their helplessness.arm of Concord Hospital, securingThats the funny thing about giving; you just cannot give without getting something in return to and distributing charitable gifts inlift you up in joy and resilienceeven amidst a pandemic.accordance with donors intent to support the Hospitals mission of meeting the healthPamela Puleo, FAHPneeds of individuals within theCHIEF ADVANCEMENT OFFICERcommunities it serves.'