b'SPECIAL EDITION 202031Drs. Peter and Kathy Noordsij Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jobin Mrs. Velma J. Van DykeMr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pitman Dr. Gary S. Jones and Mrs. Mary-Sue Tuuri Mrs. Anna G. ViscarelloMs. Pamela Puleo and Mr. Raymond A. Goulet Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Jones Drs. R. K. Warburton and Kathryn S. LemmonMs. Muriel D. Schadee Ms. Nancy A. Josselyn, RN Mrs. Joyce M. WattsDr. Lon Setnik and Dr. Cynthia King Mr. Edwin Kibbe Mr. and Mrs. Donald WelfordPaul M. Snyder, MD Ms. Dorean C. Kimball Mr. and Mrs. George B. WestDr. and Mrs. David A. Stevenson Mr. David Kirkpatrick and Dr. Christina L. Kirkpatrick Dr. and Mrs. Jeff rey W. WileyDr. and Mrs. William D. Stone Bryce D. Lambert, MD Mrs. Mary D. WilsonDr. and Mrs. Russell A. Strong, III Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Lemay Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. WilsonMr. and Mrs. Jeff rey K. Towle Attorney and Mrs. Michael Lenehan Dr. and Mrs. Oglesby H. YoungScott and Claudia Walker Mr. and Mrs. Jeff rey Levitan Mr. Jack YvarsDr. and Mrs. Ronald Yap Drs. Lyn and Klaus LindpaintnerDr. Valerie J. Ziesmer and The Mulet Family Dr. and Mrs. Jeff rey T. LockhartMr. and Mrs. Henry J. LoveThe Honorable George Manias$1,000$2,499 Dr. and Mrs. John P. ManningBrian K. Marks, MDAnonymous Mr. Derek Martel and Dr. Amy L. MartelDr. and Mrs. D Thomas Akey Regina M. Martin, PharmD, BCPSMr. and Mrs. Sol Asmar Mrs. Beverly B. McGuireMr. Peter S. Bartlett and Ms. Christine D. Dolat-Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McLeodMr. and Mrs. Taylor D. Benjamin Dr. Michael M. McLeod and Dr. Angela Yerdon McLeodDr. Richard and Susan Benson Mr. and Mrs. John P. McMurrayDr. Horace, Gene and Robert Blood Family Fund Ms. Norma M. Milne and Mr. Walter ZanchukPiper-Anne and Maxwell Boilard Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. MitchellMs. Shannon M. Boudreau Dr. and Mrs. Anthony MollanoMr. Paul E. Bourgault Dr. Douglas J. Moran and Mrs. Marcia MoranMs. Alison Brisson Mr. Deane H. MorrisonDr. and Mrs. Russell Brummett Mr. and Mrs. William B. Morrison The Womens Giving Circle recognizes Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Blood Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Moskey those women that contribute $1,000 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Burgess Laura, Raymond and Alex Mtimbiri or more to collaboratively invest Dr. and Ms. Sean Burns Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Murdough in strategic and timely projects that Dr. Mark D. Carney and Ms. Jan L. Greer-Carney Dr. and Mrs. David J. Nagel benefi t the Hospitals mission.Ms. Susan Chase Anne Nason and Jim RamaneleMr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Church Drs. Robert and Carol Niegisch AnonymousDr. Patricia E. Clancy and Dr. Robert S. Kiefner Dr. and Mrs. Sean OConnor Mrs. Margaret H. BrownDr. and Mrs. Davis W. Clark Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oliver Mrs. Lynda Z. CaineDr. and Mrs. Paul R. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Palmieri Ms. Susan ChaseSenator Robert Clegg Mr. and Mrs. David Pelletier Ms. Christine D. Dolat-BartlettMr. Richard H. Coggon, II Dr. and Mrs. Nick P. Perencevich Margaret Douglas FrankSteve and Jane Cohen Mrs. Jo-Ann K. A. Peterson Mrs. Kelly A. FanarasDr. and Mrs. David C. Conway Dr. and Mrs. David C. Picard Mrs. Frances C. GlahnMr. and Mrs. Duene Cowan Mr. Frederic R. Pilch Ms. Roberta GradyChristopher H. Daniell, MD Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pitman Mrs. Beverly D. GrapponeMr. and Mrs. Dominic DeCarli Mrs. Janet S. Pitman-Anderson Ms. Kathleen KayrosGail and Jason Dexter Mr. Dennis J. Pope Mrs. Priscilla McKerleyMr. and Mrs. William N. Dooley Mr. Benjamin Pratt Mrs. Judith McMurrayMr. and Mrs. Randy A. Dow Mr. David T. Reid Ms. Norma M. MilneMr. and Mrs. Edward Drouse Dr. and Ms. Kurt Rhynhart Mrs. Kristen MooreMostafa H. El-Sherif, DMD, MScD, PhD, PC Dr. and Mrs. John M. Richey Mrs. Susan M. OConnorDr. and Mrs. Warren E. Emley Mr. and\\ Mrs. Douglas Robbins Mrs. Maureen F. Oliver Ms. Aubrey Engle Stephen T. Rust, MD Mrs. Ruth C. PerencevichMr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fanaras Mr. Richard D. Saunders Ms. Pamela PuleoMr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Farrelly Kyle J. Savage, MBA Mrs. Barbara H. RuedigDr. and Mrs. Geoff rey M. Fitzgerald Drs. Peter and Susan Saviteer Mrs. Mary RuedigDianne and Frank Foti Dr. Mark M. Scura and Ms. Maureen Redmond-Scura Ms. Muriel D. SchadeeMr. and Mrs. William Frament Ms. Martha E. Seery Ms. Lindley ShutzJohn Stewart Fulton, DO Mr. and Mrs. Robert Segal Mrs. Natalia StrongDr. Dominic F. Geff ken and Dr. Irene Rainville The Carey Family Veronica Triaca, MDMr. Stephen R. Gilman Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Sloane Ms. Anne TyrolMr. Todd Gilseth Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Sobelson Ms. Claudia WalkerMr. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Glahn, III Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Starry Mrs. Diane P. WilsonMr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gullage, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stern Cathy Yi, MDDr. and\\ Mrs. Mark A. Hadley Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Swenson Mrs. Pamela YoungDr. Christian Hallowell and Ms. Cindall J. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. SwensonMr. Morris James Harrison Mr. John F. SwopeMr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Heard Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. ThesingMr. and Mrs. Matthew Hicks Dr. Patrick Magnus and Dr. Lisa TilluckdharryMr. Jack R. Hutton, ACSW The Honorable William Henry Townley-TilsonDr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Imgrund Mr. Richard J. TrippDr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. TsourosMr. and Mrs. Harold W. Janeway Ms. Anne TyrolCONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE'