b'4CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUSTFighting the COVID-19 Pandemic TOGETHER.Concord Hospital knows its not alone insaid Concord Hospital Chief Advancementspent several million dollars specifi cally on fi Officer Pamela Puleo. But to see peopleCOVID-19 renovations and other changes. ghting the COVID-19 pandemic. While proud of the unprecedented, virtuallyacknowledging them for being on the frontWe strive for excellence and there was no overnight transformation it made to respondlines and taking the risk to care for thedoubt as to how we were going to approach to COVID-19, its also proud it earnedcommunitythat was huge. this, Puleo said. We would not leave any unprecedented, widespread support fromFrom the start, the Hospital worked to keepstone unturned. You couldnt worry about the the community. the community informed. It produced dailymoney equation when considering how to This edition of Your Trust off ers examplesupdates that included statistics about thecare for our patients. of how the Hospital staffand communitynumber of COVID-19 patients being screened,During the pandemic, businesses and remained resilient and fl exible while copingtested and treated at Concord Hospital andresidents, including many fi rst-time donors, with dramatic changes in their workplaces,latest information highlighting the Hospitalsprovided valuable assistance by contributing their homes, their schools, their grocery stores. and the communitys resilience in respondingto the Hospital in a time of need. Concord At the Hospital, staffand providers steppedto COVID-19. Hospital Trust has been reaching out to up. They built new isolation rooms,We agreed in the very beginning that wehighlight the continuing need to support streamlined procedures, monitored non- would be transparent because that is the onlyHospital programs and services, many of which critical illnesses by phone and videoall inway you can be with your community,are funded by the communitys generosity.preparation for a potential surge in criticallyPuleo said.Cancer hasnt stopped during COVID-19, said ill patients.Transparency includes informing thePuleo. Heart disease hasnt stopped during At homes and businesses throughout thecommunity, through means such as thisCOVID-19. Trauma patients havent stopped community, residents also stepped up. Theypublication, that as things return to somecoming in because of COVID-19.donated snacks or meals, sewed masks,sense of normalcy, there will be a continuedThe Hospital and community showed organized fundraisersall to show everyonecall for resilience to enable the Hospital toresilience adjusting to their pandemic reality. at the Hospital they were appreciated. continue caring for the community. The post-pandemic adjustment willThe Hospital and its employees noticed. Creating a safe environment for all patientsneed more.Healthcare workers, like any public servants,meant the Hospital curtailed non-emergencyWe all are working on getting back to are unsung heroes and dont necessarilyand elective procedures, cutting revenuebusiness as usual because we are resilient, expect a lot of expressions of gratitude,by millions of dollars. At the same time, itsaid Puleo.'