b'SPECIAL EDFIT 2 23 ]AILOLN001280[ 241In memory of Patricia H. Donovan In memory of Mary L. Nadeau In memory of William T. Seales, MDMr. Greg Comeau Ms. Joan Courtemanche Mrs. Elizabeth SealesMr. and Mrs. Elmer L. Dotzert Ms. Pauline A. DunlapMrs. Patricia Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jacob, Jr. In memory of William D. StevensMr. and Mrs. Virgil Stephenson Merrill Follansbee, Unit 37 American Legion Auxiliary Ms. Margaret BrownMs. Tanya L. NadeauIn memory of Helen and Arthur Emerson Ms. Janice S. Olson In memory of Mr. Charles SweeneyAnonymous Ms. Mary L. Plourde Miss Patrisha SweeneyMrs. Germaine T. TowleIn memory of Kristen C. Evans In memory of Richard John TanguayMr. Joseph M. Evans In memory of Marian G. Pearsall Mrs. Elaine BoucherKim Anderson Ms. Mary E. BoucherIn memory of Ray E. Fox Ms. Edith Currier Mr. and Mrs. David S. CookMs. Monique C. Fox Ms. Nicole Henry Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. CramerMrs. Carol A. Hyslop Mrs. Martha CreteIn memory of Josephine French Ms. Janet E. Moyer Mr. Mike DegnanMrs. Laurie Jo Savage Ms. Victoria E. Mozdierz Mrs. Laura DubeMs. Pamela Puleo and Mr. Raymond A. Goulet Michael A. Ferguson, MDIn memory of Josephine Freo Ms. Susan M. Sievers Ms. Ann M. GagnonSteve and Jo Ann David Ms. Beverly J. Stratton and Mr. Bruce Stratton Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O. Graham, Jr.Ms. Kristin HarmonIn memory of George Geers In memory of Kathleen Pieroni Mr. and Mrs. John HolbrookMrs. Elizabeth Y. Geers Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. David P. LaheyMs. Theresa MaloIn memory of Mr. Greg Grappone In memory of Jack Pillsbury and Robert Chase Mr. and Mrs. Ronald MessierMr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grappone Brian and Rhonda Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. ParkinsonMs. Suzanne E. RicardIn memory of Mr. Stephen Harmon In memory of Theresa M. Pillsbury Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. ShagouryAnonymous Kyle J. Savage, MBA Mr. and Mrs. Brian SmithMrs. Jeanne L. TalbotIn memory of Norma Harrison In memory of Carin Jeanne Plante Mrs. Lisa TanguayMr. Morris James Harrison Mrs. Lynn Brofos Mrs. Irene VacherMr. Edward Coffey Mr. and Mrs. George A. VarjabedianIn memory of Jessica Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Andre DusseaultMr. and Mrs. Brian J. Hawkins Mr. Jerome E. Penberg In memory of Nancy Triber HoarMs. Francine Philippe Temple Beth JacobIn memory of Carol Felicia Hogan Ms. Judith A. SanbornMs. Ann Green In memory of Tommy TsourosMr. and Mrs. Philip W. Read In memory of Constance M. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. TsourosMr. Peter L. PowersIn memory of Zora Hoyt In memory of Hendrika C. Van DongenMrs. Teresa Theriaque In memory of Priscilla Puleo Mr. James C. Van Dongen and Ms. Nicola WhitleyAnonymousIn memory of Christopher Hull Ms. Mary E. Boucher In memory of Edith Catherine WeilerMs. Karen E. Milan Ms. Susan Chase Mr. and Mrs. Marc DuqetteMr. and Mrs. Dominic DeCarli Mrs. Jacqueline SargentIn memory of Bill and Eleanor Ms. Gail Dexter Ms. Katherine BurchellJohnston Small Arms Company Mr. Peter S. Bartlett and Ms. Christine D. Dolat Bartlett Mr. Francis W. DavisMs. Elizabeth Fay Mrs. Patricia DavisIn memory of Diane H. Manias Ms. Roberta Grady Mr. Robert SantucciMrs. Catherine L. Pappas Mrs. Carol A. Hyslop Mr. William R. WeilerMs. Jessica LassondeIn memory of Sue Manning Mr. and Mrs. Roger Leighton In memory of John A. WestonMr. and Mrs. Steven Manning Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Meyer Mr. John A. WestonMr. and Mrs. Philip MuellerIn memory of Forrest D. McKerley Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oliver In memory of Mr. Woodrow WhitbeckMrs. Priscilla McKerley Ms. Deanne Pelletier Mr. Philip FunkMs. Doreen V. St. Laurent Mr. and Mrs. David W. JordanIn memory of Matthew L. McKerley Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Steigmeyer Mapletree Farm, LLCMrs. Priscilla McKerley Mrs. Teresa Theriaque Mrs. Gail ParenteauMr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tsouros Pembroke Town LibraryIn memory of Lynn Marie Mellette Scott and Claudia Walker Ms. Margaret PoznanskiMs. Darlene Chamberlain Dr. and Mrs. Oglesby H. Young Ms. Dianne E. SchuettMr. and Mrs. Gerald SmithIn memory of Agnes M. Miner In memory of Ms. Karen Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Ryland H. WeisigerMrs. Paula A. Howard Dr. Mark M. Scura and Ms. Maureen Redmond Scura Ms. Jean ZipkeIn memory of Darlene Miner In memory of Stephanie Riley In memory of Melvin M. WhitcombMs. Tanya L. Nadeau Anonymous Mrs. Norma M. WhitcombDrs. Cathy Yi and Gerard A. DillonIn memory of John and Mariegold WollamKatrina and Randy BrowCONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE'