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We are committed to working with you to distribute your charitable gifts in accordance with your intentions and wishes and with our Donors Bill of Rights. Your gifts support Concord Hospital’s charitable mission of meeting the health needs of individuals in Concord and its surrounding communities. Thanks to your support, healthcare excellence is available for community members today and generations to come. In fiscal year 2017, individuals comprised the majority of our funding sources.

FY17 Giving by Sources

FY17 Giving Sources by Fund/Designation

  • Our leadership maximizes contribution support and ensures the highest use of your contributed funds.
  • Your charitable gifts support a multitude of giving priorities, including, but not limited to:
    • Community health education and patient support programs;
    • Free care for those in need;
    • Medical education;
    • Facility improvements;
    • Medical equipment and technology.

Philanthropic Tradition

Concord Hospital's philanthropic tradition is rooted in the charitable mission of the region's first hospital, which dates back to the late 1800s. It lives on today as the Hospital continues to adapt and innovate, putting patients first, always guided by its charitable mission to meet the needs of those in need without regard to their ability to pay.


We serve as the philanthropic arm of Concord Hospital; securing and distributing charitable gifts in accordance with donors' intents to support the Hospital's mission of meeting the health needs of individuals within the communities it serves.


Our vision is to become a preferred healthcare charity of choice for the region.


  • Caring ~ We are committed to meeting the needs of our donors, allowing them to the opportunity to express their passion.
  • Leadership ~ We promote a culture of philanthropy, influencing our donors and key constituents through visioning big ideas and the promise of enhanced health.
  • Continuous Improvement ~ We commit ourselves to continuous growth and learning, to evolve our processes and our initiatives to meet the needs of our donors and the Hospital we serve.
  • Stewardship ~ We are exceptional stewards of the gifts entrusted to us, using them in the manner which the donors intended and to further the mission of Concord Hospital. 
  • Integrity ~ In all things, we are honest and prove ourselves deserving of our donors’ trust.

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