• Charitable Care Program


    Join us on November 29, 2022, on #GivingTuesday, as we raise funds to provide medical care for those without insurance, adequate insurance or those without the means to pay for care.

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  • Spirit of Giving

    Spirit of Giving

    Our annual effort to support Concord Hospital’s most vulnerable patients begins now. Find out how you can make a difference for pediatric patients.

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  • Tasting Benefit

    Tasting Benefit

    When you attend our annual tasting benefit, you're making a difference in the lives of family, friends and neighbors receiving care at Concord Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, all while sampling spirits, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.

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  • Cardiologists at Concord Hospital Cardiovascular Institute

    Cardiovascular Institute Special Project

    We're raising funds to support our Cardiovascular Institute which serves patients suffering from a wide variety of heart and vascular disease complications.

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  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning Consultation

    Begin achieving your estate planning goals by making an appointment for a complimentary values-based estate planning consultation with Thompson & Associates — a national leader in charitable estate planning.

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  • Giving Societies

    Recognition Societies

    Recognizing and thanking you is one of our greatest joys and most important responsibilities. Our recognition societies honor and thank those who help advance Concord Hospital’s mission through generous financial support.

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Making a Difference

  • Grateful Donor John Leggett

    John and Joan Leggett of Concord have had many reasons to say 'thank you' to Concord Hospital physicians and staff members who have cared for them over the years. Now, thanks to their generosity, they will be able to express their gratitude far into the future.

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  • Giving Societies

    Dorean KimballThe Margaret S. Pillsbury Society recognizes people, like Certified Music Practitioner Dorean Kimball, who support Concord Hospital through charitable bequests or life-income gifts.

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  • Charitable Achievements

    Community Achievements reflect the essence of our mission: to meet the health needs of individuals within the communities we serve, regardless of their ability to pay. In 2020, Concord Hospital provided $84+ million in Charitable Achievement programs and services.

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  • My Story: Lynne Doyle

    Lynn Doyle of Canterbury faced two devasting diagnoses at the same time — aggressive breast cancer and a serious heart ailment discovered during cancer screening tests.

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  • Chief Advancement Officer's Message

    Even though the crisis created by the pandemic may have eased, the need to care for our community members remains the same and may even be greater now. And so, we persevere.

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Featured Video 

Watch the October 'What's Up Doc?' presentation on advances in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer

What's Up Doc? Video

2020 President's Society

$1,000+ Annual Donors
  • Gold ($10,000+)
  • Ms. Mary E. Boucher
  • William L. Chapman, Esq.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Cohen
  • Marianne Cook
  • Mr. J. Daniel Davidson
  • Ms. Hali B. Dearborn and Mr. James R. Caldwell
  • Foss Family Foundation
  • Dr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Gibb
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grappone
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Leggett
  • Dr. and Mrs. Carl E. Levick
  • Dr. Norman and Melinda Payson
  • Barbara and Michael Ruedig
  • Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ruedig
  • Dr. Gerard V. Smith and Dr. Catherine Holub-Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Steigmeyer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Towle
  • Silver ($5,000-$9,999)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sol Asmar
  • Ann and David Beane and Family
  • Dr. and Mrs. Peter Blume
  • Tom and Margie Brown
  • Kenneth A. Deloge, MD
  • The Erickson Family Fund
  • Mr. Joseph M. Evans
  • Mrs. Margaret Douglas Frank
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Glahn, III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Haunfelner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Johnson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Jones
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Lockhart
  • Dr. Patrick Magnus and Dr. Lisa Tilluckdharry
  • Mrs. Priscilla McKerley
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Meyer
  • Ms. Pamela Puleo and Mr. Raymond A. Goulet
  • Dr. Sarah V. Radwan and Dr. Tarek Radwan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Robbins
  • Mr. and Ms. Kevin Sellitti
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Sloane
  • Dr. and Mrs. Russell A. Strong, III
  • Bronze ($2,500-$4,999)
  • Mr. Lance Bennett
  • Dr. Richard and Susan Benson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Boss, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Caine
  • Dr. and Mrs. Davis W. Clark
  • Ms. Emily J. Drake
  • Mr. Philip B. Emma and Ms. Luanne Morgan-Emma
  • Beverly J. Entwisle, MD
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Evans
  • Drs. Douglas and Rebecca Ewing
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fanaras
  • Dr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Fulton
  • Mr. Stephen R. Gilman
  • Dr. and Mrs. David F. Green
  • Mr. and Mrs.* Jonathan M. Heard
  • Dr. Gary S. Jones and Ms. Mary-Sue Tuuri
  • Mrs. Lucy Karl
  • Dr. Nicholas Larochelle and Dr. Zea Larochelle
  • Mr. and Mrs.* Richard C. McManis
  • Mr. Steven R. McManis
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell
  • Mr. and Mrs. William B. Morrison
  • Drs. Peter and Kathy Noordsij
  • Dr. and Mrs. Nick P. Perencevich
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pitman
  • Mr. Benjamin Pratt
  • Ms. Beverly Ringel
  • Michael and Barbara Ruedig
  • Ms. Muriel D. Schadee
  • Paul M. Snyder, MD
  • Dr. and Mrs. David A. Stevenson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Thesing
  • The Honorable William Henry Townley-Tilson
  • Scott and Claudia Walker
  • Mrs. Joyce M. Watts
  • Dr. James K. Wolcott and Mrs. Jocelyn A. Jerry-Wolcott
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Yap
  • Dr. and Mrs. Oglesby H. Young
  • Dr. Valerie J. Ziesmer and The Mulet Family
  • ($1,000-$2,499)
  • Dr. and Mrs. D Thomas Akey
  • Mrs. Carol F. Alosa
  • Mr. Peter S. Bartlett and Ms. Christine D. Dolat-Barlett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Taylor D. Benjamin
  • Dr. Horace, Gene and Robert Blood Family Fund
  • Ms. Susan Johnson Hofmann Blossom
  • Piper-Anne and Maxwell Boilard
  • Ms. Shannon M. Boudreau
  • Drs. Philip and Suzanne Boulter
  • Mr. Paul E. Bourgault
  • Mr. Patrick Boyle
  • Dr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Briccetti
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Blood
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Burgess
  • Dr. Ann Cabot
  • Dr. Dennis J. Card and Dr. Maureen E. McCanty
  • The Carey Family
  • Mrs. Marilyn Carlson
  • Dr. Mark D. Carney and Ms. Jan L. Greer-Carney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jason H. Case
  • Mrs. Susan Chase
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. Craig Clough, RP
  • Steve and Jane Cohen
  • Dr. and Mrs. David C. Conway
  • Mr. and Mrs. Duene Cowan
  • Ms. Jessica Croteau
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeCarli
  • Gail and Jason Dexter
  • Mr. and Mrs. William N. Dooley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Dow
  • Mr. Frederic Dube and Ms. Catherine Gagne
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dunn
  • Mr. Stephen M. Duprey
  • Mostafa H. El-Sherif, DMD, MScD, PhD, PC
  • Dr. and Mrs. Warren E. Emley
  • Ms. Aubrey Engle
  • Dr. Scott J. Fabozzi and Ms. Autumn Van Sice
  • Ms. Valorie Faretra
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Farrelly
  • Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey M. Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Christopher Fore and Ms. Jennifer Minette-Fore
  • Dianne and Frank Foti
  • Ms. Beth Fowler
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Frament
  • Dr. Nicola A. Francalancia and Dr. Janice F. Lalikos
  • Ivor W. and Barbara Freeman
  • Mr. Richard M. Frye
  • Mr. Glenn Gardner
  • Dr. Dominic F. Geffken and Dr. Irene Rainville
  • Mrs. Nancy Gesen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gordon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grady
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gullage, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hadley
  • Dr. Christian Hallowell and Ms. Cindall J. Morrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Haskett
  • Dr. and Mrs. Viking A. Hedberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hicks
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Huntington
  • Mr. Jack R. Hutton, ACSW
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Imgrund
  • Ms. Mary Johnson
  • Ms. Nancy A. Josselyn, RN
  • Ms. Kathleen Kayros
  • Mr. Edwin Kibbe
  • Mr. David Kirkpatrick and Dr. Christina L. Kirkpatrick
  • Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kokulis
  • Mr. Jonathan Kulis
  • Dr. Jennifer A. Lacy and Dr. James Binkoski
  • Mr. Michael LaFontaine and Dr. Mildred LaFontaine
  • Bryce D. Lambert, MD
  • Mr. and Mrs. Erick Leadbeater
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Lemay
  • Attorney and Mrs. Michael Lenehan
  • Drs. Lyn and Klaus Lindpaintner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Love
  • Dr. and Mrs. John P. Manning
  • Brian K. Marks, MD
  • Mr. Derek Martel and Dr. Amy L. Martel
  • Regina M. Martin, PharmD, BCPS
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. McCarthy
  • Mrs. Beverly B. McGuire
  • Mr. and Mrs. Skip McKean
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McLeod
  • Dr. Michael M. McLeod and Dr. Angela Yerdon McLeod
  • Mrs. Norma M. Milne and Mr. Waler Zanchuk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Mitchell
  • Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Mollano
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gene Moore
  • Dr. Douglas J. Moran and Mrs. Marcia Moran
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Morrell
  • Mr. Deane H. Morrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Moskey
  • Laura, Raymond and Alex Mtimbiri
  • Dr. and Mrs. David J. Nagel
  • Drs. Robert and Carol Niegisch
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oliver
  • Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Oosterveen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Palmieri
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Paris
  • Drs. Jay and Manisha Patel
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Pelletier
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marcus L. Peterson
  • Dr. and Mrs. David C. Picard
  • Mr. Frederic R. Pilch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pitman
  • Mr. Dennis J. Pope
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Provost
  • Mr. Robert Prunier
  • Mr. David T. Reid
  • Dr. and Ms. Kurt Rhynhart
  • Mr. Ransom Richardson
  • Dr. and Mrs. John M. Richey
  • Mrs. Claire E. Robinson
  • Stephen T. Rust, MD
  • Mr. Richard D. Saunders
  • Drs. Peter and Susan Saviteer
  • Mr. Robert Sawyer and Ms. Susan Quadrozzi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Segal
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Skoog
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Sobelson
  • Matthew Spielman, MD
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Starry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stern
  • Dr. and Mrs. William D. Stone
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Swenson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. Swenson
  • Dr. Robert D. Thomson and Ms. Lucy C. Hodder
  • Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thorne
  • Mr. Richard J. Tripp
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tsouros
  • Mr. David R. Tucker
  • Dr. and Mrs. Alexandru M. Vaida
  • Mrs. Velma J. Van Dyke
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Venus
  • Drs. R. K. Warburton and Kathryn S. Lemmon
  • Mr. William R. Weiler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Welford
  • Mr. and Mrs. George B. West
  • Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. Wilson
  • William A. Wood, MD
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Yap, MD
  • Drs. Cathy Yi and Gerard A. Dillon
  • Mr. Jack Yvars

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