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    We're a Strong Hospital Because of Our Community

    In the midst of this unprecedented health crisis, Concord Hospital is working around the clock to prepare for the medical needs of people in our region. Your gift, in any amount, matters TODAY for those closest to us facing this global pandemic.

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Making a Difference

  • The Joy of Being Moved

    Ann and Joe Farrelly regularly attend our What’s Up Doc? luncheon lectures. They also regularly contribute to Concord Hospital.

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  • Giving Societies

    Dorean KimballThe Margaret S. Pillsbury Society recognizes people, like Certified Music Practitioner Dorean Kimball, who support Concord Hospital through charitable bequests or life-income gifts.

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  • Charitable Achievements

    Community Achievements reflect the essence of our mission: to meet the health needs of individuals within the communities we serve, regardless of their ability to pay. In 2018, Concord Hospital provided $51+ million in Charitable Achievement programs and services.

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  • Joy of Volunteering

    Forever grateful to the Payson team that held her hand – literally and figuratively – Beverly Cotton of Weare returns to Payson once a week to volunteer.

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  • Chief Advancement Officer's Message

    Over the years, study after study affirms that giving is a healthy habit, enriching lives in both tangible and intrinsic ways.

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A Message from Concord Hospital Trust Board of Trustees Chair
Dr. Ronald Yap

2018 President's Society

$1,000+ Annual Donors
  • In Perpetuity
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grappone
  • Gold ($10,000+)
  • Ms. Mary E. Boucher
  • William L. Chapman, Esq.
  • Mr. J. Daniel Davidson
  • Drs. Walter and Caroline Dueger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grappone In Memory of Greg Grappone
  • Ms. Jane L. Kitchel McLaughlin and Mr. Peter J. McLaughlin
  • Dr. Norman and Melinda Payson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Steigmeyer
  • Dr. and Mrs. William D. Stone
  • Silver ($5,000-$9,999)
  • Anonymous
  • Mr. Paul E. Bourgault
  • Ms. Emily J. Drake
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Haunfelner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Lockhart
  • Mrs. Priscilla McKerley In Memory of Forrest D. McKerley and Matthew L. McKerley
  • Dr. and Mrs. James T. Noble
  • Dr. Sarah V. Radwan and Dr. Tarek Radwan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Robbins
  • Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ruedig
  • Dr. Gerard V. Smith and Dr. Catherine Holub-Smith
  • Dr. and Mrs. Russell A. Strong, III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Towle
  • Mrs. Joyce M. Watts
  • Bronze ($2,500-$4,999)
  • Dr. and Mrs. Peter Blume
  • Ms. Lynda Z. Caine
  • Kenneth A. Deloge, MD
  • The Erickson Family Fund
  • Drs. Douglas and Rebecca Ewing
  • Dr. Christopher A. Fore and Jennifer Minette-Fore
  • Dr. and Mrs. David F. Green In Honor of Jennifer F. Gittzus, MD, James T. Noble, MD, Praveen K. Ponnamreddy, MD, Tanja Vanderlinde, MD, Joshua White, MD
  • Dr. Christian Hallowell and Ms. Cindall J. Morrison
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Johnson
  • Ms. Kathleen Kayros
  • Dr. Lon Setnik and Dr. Cynthia G. King
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Leggett
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Meyer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Moskey
  • Drs. Peter and Kathy Noordsij
  • Drs. Jay and Manisha Patel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pitman
  • Ms. Pamela Puleo and Mr. Raymond A. Goulet
  • Ms. Muriel D. Schadee
  • Dr. and Mrs. David A. Stevenson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Yap
  • ($1,000-$2,499)
  • Anonymous
  • Dr. and Ms. Thomas Akey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sol Asmar
  • Mr. Jason Barker
  • In Honor of Mr. Daniel Allegretti
  • Mr. and Mrs. Taylor D. Benjamin
  • Dr. Richard and Susan Benson
  • Dr. Horace, Gene & Robert Blood Family Fund
  • Mr. Jody H. Blumberg and Dr. Melissa Martin
  • Piper-Anne and Max Boilard
  • In Honor of Epsom Family Medicine
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Boss, Jr.
  • Drs. Philip and Suzanne Boulter
  • Tom and Margie Brown
  • Dr. Dennis J. Card and Dr. Maureen E. McCanty
  • The Carey Family
  • Don P. Chan, MD
  • Ms. Susan Chase
  • Dr. Patricia E. Clancy and Dr. Robert S. Kiefner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Davis W. Clark
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. Craig Clough
  • Mr. Richard H. Coggon, II
  • Steve and Jane Cohen
  • Attorney and Mrs. David F. Conley
  • Dr. and Mrs. David C. Conway
  • Mrs. Marianne E. Cook In Memory of Mr. James D. Cook
  • Mr. and Mrs. Duene Cowan
  • Mrs. Marci DeCarli
  • Gail and Jason Dexter
  • Mr. & Mrs. William N. Dooley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Dow
  • Mrs. Lisa M. Drouse
  • Mostafa H. El-Sherif, DMD, MScD, PhD, PC
  • Dr. and Mrs. Warren E. Emley
  • Ms. Aubrey Engle
  • Mr. Joseph M. Evans
  • Dr. Scott J. Fabozzi and Ms. Autumn Van Sice
  • Mr. John Fallow
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fanaras
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Farrelly
  • Ms. Katharine D. Finch Cossman In Memory of Margaret Carroll Finch, Christopher Finch, James Finch, Lucien Finch and Richard Finch
  • Dianne and Frank Foti
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Frament
  • Ivor W. and Barbara Freeman
  • Dr. John Stewart Fulton, DO
  • Dr. Dominic F. Geffken and Dr. Irene Rainville
  • Mr. Stephen R. Gilman
  • Mr. Paul M. Gilpatric
  • In Memory of Mrs. Dorothy Gilpatric
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Glahn, III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gullage, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hadley
  • Mr. Leslie M. Haynes
  • Ms. Allyson Hicks
  • Mr. Jack R. Hutton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Imgrund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Janeway
  • Anonymous
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harry V. Johnson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Jones
  • Dr. Gary S. Jones and Mrs. Mary-Sue Tuuri
  • Ms. Nancy A. Josselyn
  • Mr. Lou Kaucic
  • Mr. Edwin Kibbe
  • Ms. Dorean C. Kimball
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Knowlton
  • Bryce D. Lambert, MD
  • Mr. Richard Lapage
  • Drs. Nicholas and Zea Larochelle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Lemay
  • Mrs. Joan H. Lena
  • In Memory of Mr. Paul Lena
  • Attorney and Mrs. Michael Lenehan
  • Drs. Lyn and Klaus Lindpaintner
  • In Honor of Mrs. Marilyn Singer and In Memory of Mr. Frank Singer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Love In Honor of the ICU Staff and the 6 South Staff
  • Dr. Michael T. Lynch and Ms. Lindley Shutz
  • The Honorable George Manias and Mrs. Diane H. Manias*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Marsh
  • Mr. Derek Martel and Dr. Amy L. Martel
  • Regina M. Martin, PharmD, BCPS
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. McCarthy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McCormack
  • Mrs. Beverly B. McGuire
  • Mr. and Mrs. Skip McKean
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McLeod
  • Drs. Michael and Angela McLeod
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. McManis
  • Mr. Steven R. McManis
  • Jerry G. Meadows, MD
  • Mr. Shawn P. Millerick
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Mitchell
  • Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Mollano
  • Dr. Douglas J. Moran and Mrs. Marcia Moran
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Morrell
  • Mr. Deane H. Morrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. William B. Morrison
  • Siza, Laura, and Alex Mtimbiri
  • Dr. and Mrs. David J. Nagel
  • Drs. Robert and Carol Niegisch
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oliver
  • Brant J. Oliver, PhD
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Palmieri
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Paris
  • Ms. Joann G. Parker
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Pelletier
  • Dr. and Mrs. Nick P. Perencevich
  • Mrs. Jo-Ann K.A. Peterson
  • Mr. Frederic R. Pilch
  • Mrs. Janet S. Pitman-Anderson
  • Mr. Stephen Pitman
  • Mr. Dennis J. Pope In Memory of Elaine Pope and In Honor of Ronald Yap, MD and Scott Fabozzi, MD
  • Mr. Benjamin Pratt
  • Mrs. Elledra E. Presby
  • Dr. and Ms. Kurt Rhynhart
  • Dr. and Mrs. John M. Richey
  • Robert D. Rix, MD
  • Michael and Barbara Ruedig
  • Stephen T. Rust, MD
  • Ms. Colleen J. Rutherford
  • Dr. Robert Rzepka
  • Mr. Richard D. Saunders
  • Mr. Kyle J. Savage In Memory of Jeff & Jill Savage
  • Drs. Peter and Susan Saviteer
  • Ms. Martha E. Seery
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Sloane
  • Mr. Francis H. Smith
  • Paul M. Snyder, MD
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Sobelson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Starry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stern
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. Swenson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Swenson
  • Mr. John F. Swope
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Thesing
  • Dr. Robert D. Thomson and Ms. Lucy C. Hodder
  • The Honorable Dale Townley-Tilson
  • In Memory of Mr. Derek Townley-Tilson and Mrs. Trina Townley-Tilson
  • Mr. Matthew E. Conserva and Dr. Veronica Triaca
  • Mr. Richard J. Tripp
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tsouros
  • Ms. Anne Tyrol
  • Mrs. Velma J. Van Dyke
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Venus
  • Ms. Anne-Lee Verville
  • Scott and Claudia Walker
  • Drs. R. K. Warburton and Kathryn S. Lemmon
  • Mr. Frank Waters and Ms. Rebecca Waters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Wells
  • In Memory of Charles and Pauline Sweeney
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Wiley
  • Mrs. Mary D. Wilson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Oglesby H. Young
  • Mr. Walter Zanchuk and Ms. Norma M. Milne

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