Trustee Profile: Tom Brown

Meet our Board of Trustees.

Tom Brown, Founding Chair, Concord Hospital TrustWhen Concord Hospital decided to establish Concord Hospital Trust in 2007, Tom Brown was the obvious choice to be its Founding Chair.

As a member of the Concord Hospital Board and head of the Hospital Board of Trustees’ Philanthropy Committee, he already understood the costs of running the Hospital and the challenges and importance of raising funds to help carry on its mission to meet the healthcare needs of the community – without regard to ability to pay. Tom was instrumental in establishing the Trust, believing that the effort to attract donors was too important to be included as one of many Hospital Board committees.

“The Concord Hospital Board is responsible for running the Hospital and had lots of balls in the air – patient safety, quality of service, you name it – and at the end of a two-hour Board meeting they would come to the Philanthropy Committee for their report,” he said. “I’m not saying it shouldn’t be that way; I want to be taken care of before I find out where I can donate, but it made sense to have a stand-alone Trust, with its own Board.”

Through his service as a member of the Hospital Board of Trustees for 12 years and as head of Concord Hospital Trust’s Board for three, Tom worked tirelessly to build relationships in the community to help support the Hospital. He said being in a position to see how the donations fund patient care and other programs is rewarding.

“When you can see the results of what you can do, that feels great,” he said. “I would say everyone at the Trust and on the Trust Board gets it. They understand why they are here.They are not here to run the Hospital. They are here to raise money for the great things the Hospital does, and that are necessary.”

Outside the Hospital, Tom is the former owner of New Hampshire Distributors, which distributes beer, soft drinks and juices throughout New Hampshire. When he accepted the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award in 2012, Tom noted the company motto: “Making friends is our business.”

His goal was to sell their product, naturally, but also to connect with consumers and build relationships. He and the company extended that commitment to help many organizations, including Concord Hospital Trust, help the community.

“I’m not a high-pressure guy. I’m more low-key,” said the soft spoken Hospital cheerleader. “I think that’s important to help build relationships for Concord Hospital. It’s not just about asking for money.”

Though he no longer is Chair of the Trust, Tom is entering his fourth term as a Trustee, and as a member of the Concord Hospital Trust Philanthropy Committee. He also remains committed by helping tell the Hospital’s story and by donating himself.

With his family, Tom gave generously to help build the Payson Center for Cancer Care and to the recent campaign to purchase a new linear accelerator or LINAC device that helps doctors more precisely direct radiation therapy to treat cancer.

 “My wife and I, and my family, understand what a resource the Hospital is, not only for us, but for our employees and the whole community,” he said. “When we can, we try to do things like that.”

Tom said another factor that keeps him involved in raising money for Concord Hospital is understanding that donations no longer are considered ‘extra.’They are necessary to support the Hospital because simply passing on the true costs of care to patients would make it too expensive.

“Philanthropy and the off shootsof Hospital investments area big part of the budget,” he said. “The component of funds coming from somewhere else, like charitable donations and endowments, that’s a necessary component now.”

He also is proud that the Trustmakes sure donations are spent where the donor specifies.

“You give a dollar, ten dollars, or whatever it may be, and you have an idea where you think that money might be used. We have a Stewardship Committee that works very, very hard tomake sure that’s what happens.”

When he accepted his Citizen of the Year award in 2012, Tom noted he was part of a successful team at New Hampshire Distributors. He says the same of the Hospital, acknowledging the life-saving work of the healthcare providers and the philanthropy that helps support them.

“I have seen a lot of great things happen in this great place,” he said.

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