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Claudia Walker

Claudia Walker began volunteering for Concord Hospital as co-chair of the inaugural Payson Center for Cancer Care’s Rock ‘N Race 13 years ago. Her work on that 5K race turned into a volunteering marathon, one she happily, and proudly, embraces.

Claudia was co-chair of the racefor 12 years, became a member of Concord Hospital's Board of Trustees and now also is chair of our Board of Trustees. “Being on the Trust's Board, I hear the success stories one after another after another,” she said. “I have seen the community investment we make and the people we support and the number of people who are able to get high quality medical care, regardless of their ability to pay.”

Claudia also sees that philanthropic support for the Hospital enhances the quality of care, increases access to care for everyone and helps lower its cost. “The volunteers and donors make it easier for us to continue that mission,” she said.

As chair of our Board, Claudia sees first-hand the thoughtful consideration to ensure donations are used for their intended purpose. “Anyone who gives money or invests their time to raise money for Concord Hospital should have the utmost confi dence that the stewardship of that money is impeccable,” she said.

Claudia feels a bit selfish about her Hospital volunteer work because she finds it so personally rewarding. She speaks of mingling with thousands of people having fun on the Statehouse Plaza after a Rock ‘N Race, knowing she helped organize an event that on a single evening raises close to a half million dollars to help cancer patients. She’d like others, especially younger people, to share that feeling of accomplishment.

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