Evening en Rose


Evening en Rose is your opportunity to party with a purpose by hosting friends and/or family, in your home, with one of our fun and unique party packages. The funds raised through Evening en Rose parties support Concord Hospital Breast Care Center's genetic testing and counseling program.

Participants can start with a basic party kit for one or two and then add on for additional packages and experiences. Each price level includes the basic kit.

Full descriptions are located on the right panel of this page.

Quantity and Pricing
Evening en Rose
Ticket prices vary by package. Please see package descriptions in the right panel. If you have questions, call (603) 227-7000, ext. 5234.
Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM
Participant/Unit: 1 $ 50.00 ea.
Participant/Unit: 1 $ 75.00 ea.
Participant/Unit: 1 $ 100.00 ea.
Participant/Unit: 1 $ 325.00 ea.
Participant/Unit: 1 $ 500.00 ea.
Participant/Unit: 1 $ 1,000.00 ea.

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